Our History

Do you know about the proud legacy of our union?

It was founded more than half of a century ago when a group of Jewish Federation employees got tired of being mistreated and disrespected on the job. Employees were being let go without any recourse or due process, and those who were left were feeling very vulnerable.

These employees, who were professional fundraisers for the Jewish Federation, were fiercely committed to their work and to serving the community. They also knew that if they did not organize for power on the job, things would never get better – and could get worse.

It took courage and commitment, but these Jewish Federation employees came together and collectively demanded justice and a voice in decisions about the terms of their employment, including wages, job security, working conditions, and health benefits. They demanded fair treatment and respect as professionals.

These employees became the first leaders of our union. Today, AFSCME Local 800 is dedicated to the same goals for which they fought.

The union’s elected officers cannot do it alone.  Our union is the union of all of its members.  It is up to each and every member to get involved, voice your thoughts, and provide suggestions. 

We are only strong as a union if many of us are involved and vigilant.  As we say during contract negotiations with management:  United we bargain;  divided we beg.