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We are AFSCME Local 800

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We represent some 400 members in nine different social service and Jewish communal agencies, doing work as everything from Social Workers to Fundraisers, from Museum Tour Guides and Executive Assistants to Teachers and IT Specialists, from Drivers to Program Managers, and a diverse array of dozens of other valuable jobs serving the community.

We are part of AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. (Started as a union for public employees, AFSCME has grown to include employees at non-profit organizations.)  See the AFSCME Member Benefits page for resources and benefits available to you as an AFSCME member. 

The highest body of Local 800 is the General Membership.  The membership votes on the union's annual budget, the financial reports, and constitutional amendments. Every two years, the General Membership as a whole elects Executive Board officers, and within each agency members vote to elect their agency representatives.  All Executive Board members serve as volunteers. 

Agency members also elect their contract bargaining team when it is time for contract negotiations, and vote to ratify (or not) the terms of the collective bargaining agreement reached between the team and management.

AFSCME Local 800 is a union of, by, and for its members. All union members are welcome to attend Executive Board meetings: to meet the E-Board members; to see what goes on at the meetings; and to ask questions and give input. (Only Board members are allowed to vote on motions.) They are generally held on the third Thursday of the month, via Zoom.  Write to [email protected] if you're interested in attending and want the Zoom link. Because of the personal nature of some subject matter, we do not permit recording.  See the Calendar for the date of the next E-Board meeting.

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Lilia Arbona is the Local 800 President.

Remember: you have the right to Union representation in any disciplinary meeting with management. See our explanation of your Weingarten Rights, here.

Executive Board

We currently have vacancies on the Board -- so please consider becoming involved.  Come to an E-Board meeting to see what it's like! All members welcome.

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Executive Board

Westside JCC Teacher
Jewish Family Service, Psychotherapist
Jewish Community Foundation, Secretary