About Local 800

We are a mighty group of individuals dedicated to ensuring fair working conditions in Los Angeles county

But our mission doesn't stop there. We also work to feed the needy, protect domestic violence survivors, counsel those suffering from mental health issues, supply resources for the intellectually challenged people and their care givers, give job counseling assistance, mentor youth, ensure Holocaust survivors are treated with dignity, and provide quality daycare for children.

Know Your RIghts
Download and read your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

We Are Member Driven
Members vote for leadership, financial matters, and on constitutional amendments. Our volunteer Executive Board members are elected every two years and meet monthly via zoom. Contact us to get involved at [email protected]

Benefits of Membership
Enjoy services and discounts on travel, legal issues, dental work, vision prescriptions, insurance, home/auto insurance, and more.

Our History
In the early 1960s three forward thinking Jewish communal professionals spearheaded a movement to organize their work sites. They saw that conditions would not improve, and were likely to get worse, if they did not organize for power on the job.

The One Thing You Need To Know
Your Weingarten Rights guarantee your right Union representation in any disciplinary meeting with management. The presence of someone who has your back at one of these proceedings can be the difference between keeping or losing your job.

Email Us
[email protected]m

Lilia Arbona
President, Corresponding Secretary, and proud member of Local 800

Executive Board

We currently have vacancies on the Board 
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Executive Board