AFSCME Member Benefits

As an AFSCME member, you know you always have an advantage at the bargaining table. But did you also know your AFSCME membership can provide you with a big advantage when you shop?  Through the AFSCME Advantage Program, you can secure big discounts on everything from travel to cell phone service.


NOTE: For some AFSCME Advantage benefits, you may need your AFSCME membership number. If you don't know your member number, try first without; you may not need it. If the number is requested and you don't know it: see instructions at the bottom of this page.

AT&T Wireless Discounts

AT&T Wireless DiscountsSupport union workers by choosing the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier. AT&T employs nearly 150,000 union workers, and AFSCME members save 15% on the qualified monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans.

Additionally, members save 20% on select accessories from AT&T.

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Auto DiscountsFrom union-made rebates when you buy to savings on insurance, AFSCME Advantage is the right place to get a great deal for your auto needs.

Save money on your next union-made car, auto insurance plan, set of tires, and more.

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Entertainment DiscountsAFSCME members save on everything from movie tickets, theme park tickets, theaters, sporting events, and more.

Movie tickets are up to 30% off the regular ticket price and you can save up to $19 per ticket at theme parks.

Having fun doesn't have to drain your bank account!

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Free College

AFSCME Free College BenefitAFSCME Free College brings a degree within your reach. AFSCME and Eastern Gateway Community College are offering the chance to earn an online degree from an accredited school with no out-of-pocket expense. Family members can also take advantage of this benefit.

Eastern Gateway Community College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is the gold standard for accreditation.  It is part of the University System of Ohio, and the Ohio standards and learning outcomes are set by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, which are similar to those in California.  An AA from OH is the same as an AA from CA.  (The only difference is the "automatic transfer” and/or articulation agreements that there may exist between schools, that make transfer easier for students in certain schools.  Also: a botany degree may not transfer, but English and psych and other core classes are generally transferred.  In addition, UC Berkeley, for example, may require a higher grade for equal transfer than another CA school, but the transfer is the same.  If students are thinking of later transferring to a four-year college, they are always encouraged to check with the school to which they think they might like to transfer so that they can fully understand what will be required. )

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Travel DiscountsGet more from those hard-earned vacation days with AFSCME Advantage.

You work hard, so make your vacation dollars work hard with the AFSCME Advantage Travel Center.

Get a great deal on flights, hotels, car rentals, entertainment and more.

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AFSCME Advantage Credit Card

AFSCME Advantage Credit CardThe AFSCME Advantage credit card from Capitol One is designed to meet the needs of union members. Earn 1.5% cash rewards on everyday purchases, pay no annual fee, and get 0% APR for the first 15 months.

You also get extra discounts on car rentals and cell phone bills. Cardholders are also eligible for hardship grants in case of job loss, disability, or unexpected hospital costs.

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More about your member number

This is the number on the membership card mailed to you from AFSCME International when you became a union member (not to be confused with the Weingarten Rights card mailed to you directly from Local 800). If you try to access one of the benefits and find that you need your member number but no longer have (or never received) your card, please call AFSCME in Washington D.C., 202-429-1000, and ask for Member Services; they should have you on record as an AFSCME member (unless you recently joined), and you can request your number and that you be sent a new card. (Say you are a member of Local 800, and make sure they have your correct mailing address.) If you call the office in D.C. and they say they don't have a record of your membership, please contact us ([email protected]) and we will get the matter straightened out. Please let us know your current mailing address.