What We Do: Protecting Member Rights on the Job

Job Security and Fair Pay

On an on-going basis, our union represents members at disciplinary meetings, working to reduce discipline and ensure any discipline imposed is not arbitrary, but for “Just Cause.” Due to the “Just Cause” provision in our contract, members cannot be arbitrarily terminated. See Until she was fired after 17 years: "I never thought I'd need the Union's help."

We make certain seniority rights are respected, increasing job security. We keep an eye on new job descriptions to ensure they’re correctly classified and compensated. When a member is hired at a wage rate below her or his classification, when employers refuse to pay promised bonuses, when back pay for a raise is overlooked (all of these have happened), we make sure that this is corrected. (PLEASE NOTE:  An Employer IS free to give merit increases, and IS free to give raises that bring employees above the maximum pay for their job classification.  These are NOT violations of the union contract, and if your supervisor or HR person has told you otherwise, a union representative will be happy to meet with the two of you and get the matter cleared up.)

Working Conditions

Members have contacted us and we have helped with conditions in the workplace that have included everything from health and safety violations to arbitrary workload increases, from security concerns to turbulent work environments. We have protected the rights of members to be paid overtime and paid mileage when due, and to go through rehab without termination.  Familiarize yourself with your union contract, and let us know if management has not been respecting your contract rights.

Do you have questions or concerns?  See the Contact Us page.