Resources for Pandemic Times

The following websites and pages offer a wealth of information and resources

COVID-19: Keeping Los Angeles SafeCity of Los Angeles updates;  includes a page on free COVID-19 testing.   Click on "Additional Resources" tab to find out about food banks, a landlord/tenant hotline, and more.  

The Los Angeles County Dept. of Mental Health has a page devoted to COVID-19 Mental Health Resources.

COVID-19.CAState of California coronavirus website.  A wealth of information, on everything on all your most immediate practical questions (including emotional support resources and information on the different kinds of masks), plus a rich array of material covering the spectrum of needs and questions in these times.

Jewish Free Loan is offering loans to those impacted by the virus. See Interest Free Loans from the Jewish Free Loan Association.   For Jews of Color, see Jews of Color Field Building Initiative for information on their COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

AFSCME International -- many of whose members are currently on the front lines, working in such fields as emergency services, health care, and child care -- has a web page specifically on coronavirus facts, news, and resources.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor has a page devoted to legislation it supports to help working people in these times.

For those laid off (or possibly facing a layoff) and seeking jobs in Jewish communal organizations, see the JPro job board.