Union discounts, for necessities and fun

As an AFSCME member you can get discounts on entertainment, health plans, auto services, home loans ... and more.  See here for an overview.


AFSCME members can get discounts on movie theaters, theme parks, and other forms of entertainment. (For all discount travel and entertainment options, learn more here.)  If you're heading out of town, you can enjoy special deals on car rentals, vacation tours and more; see here.   Sending flowers? Get the union discount; see here.


Need to save on dental, vision, prescription or hearing costs? Union members can save on out-of-pocket expenses with health savings discounts. Learn More     

Interested in buying a #unionmade vehicle, or in other auto-related services? AFSCME offers discounts on auto-related products and services. Learn More

One of our members wrote us to ask if AFSCME offered anything for someone buying a home.  We invited him to explore the several options under "House & Home" on the AFSCME Advantage page, here, and he later wrote to tell us that he was going with a home loan from Union Plus, the best offer among the many he had investigated.

NOTE: For some AFSCME Advantage benefits, you may need your AFSCME membership number. If you don't know your member number, try first without; you may not need it. If the number is requested and you don't know it: see instructions at the bottom of the AFSCME Member Benefits page on this website, which also highlights several other AFSCME Advantage programs, including the free, online, degree-granting community college program for AFSCME members and their families.