Union Rights and Solidarity


If you are called into a meeting with management, you have the right to request union representation, should you believe discipline might result. You must make t

We are featured on the front page of the Sept.

The cover of the January 2023 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy features the headline, "UNION PUSH" and the subhead, "Non-profit workers want better pay, benefits,

The California 2022 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave law entitles employees (working for employers with more than 25 employees) access to up to 10 days of COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave through September 30, 2022;  in other words, you do not have to draw on your personal sick leave bank.

Do you have questions about workmen's comp and other work place issues? 

Lawyers from the labor law firm of Ford & Wallach can answer questions from members.  In addition, members are welcome to contact F&W at any time, 213-380-3140 or www.FordWallach.com. Tell them you are from AFSCME Local 800.

There is good news for AFSCME members looking to pursue higher education. AFSCME Free College has made its bachelor’s degree completion program a permanent benefit.

That means that AFSCME members and their families can earn a bachelor’s degree for free, making an even wider choice of career options a possibility for more people.

On August 2, AFSCME Local 800 members rallied outside the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles (JFSLA) building Tuesday to demand a fair contract.

Our local consists of members in nine different community and social service agencies -- and right now our members in JVS SoCal (formerly Jewish Vocational Service) are battling an attack from management in contract negotiations. State, county, and city elected officials, 12+ Rabbis, 8+ community organizations, and hundreds of community members have come out publicly in support of JVS union members. On Monday Dec.
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Note added April 2, 2020:  As we all know, the spread of the coronavirus has been rapid, and while it felt like we were in the midst of the pandemic when we sent out our first COVID19-related eblast two weeks ago, on March 19 -- much h